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Restaurants in Austria


Vienna, the capital of the Austrian Republic, is a city that combines beauty and charm with its historic culture. One can visit various architectural and cultural sites. Visit St. Stephan's Cathedral which is one of City’s oldest. Or head out for a walk to, The Ringstrasse, a magnificent boulevard in the 19th century.

The city offers a wide variety of theatre, music and art which makes it the cultural capital of Austria. Vienna's vast arrays of cultural institutions are well known worldwide. A must visit is the Schloss Schönbrunn, with its parks, and butterfly house to its world renowned Zoo.

There are a number of museums in Vienna. Visit The Museum Quarter, that is home to various pieces of art. Or the Sigmund Freud Haus Museum, which houses numerous documents and photographs of the famous psychologist's life. Head out to The Spanish Riding School to witness the performances of the magnificient horses.

Austria is home to the some of the most famous culinary traditions. An indigenous mix and various influences have created a delectable range of dishes. Try out local specialties like the Wiener Schnitzel, which is fried veal escalope and bread crumbed.

Erdäpfel Salat, a delicious side dish made from potatoes is a perfect combination with the 'Wiener Schnitzel'. Tafelspitz, which is choice pieces of boiled beef with classic garnishes. Viennese Beisl offer a delicious variety in tasty sausages, along with regional fare featuring dishes such as roasted pork which is a must try.

The cosmopolitan city of Vienna offers a friendly, laid back atmosphere, visit wondrous Viennese coffeehouses or a traditional inn and experience Austrian culture. Try out the topfenstrudel (a strudel with a sweet cheese filling) while sipping on a hot cup of coffee. Visit Bräunerhof, located on 1, Stallburggasse, which is one of the most original cafés in town.

Head out to the Sperl, located on 6, Gumpendorfer Strasse 11, which is a traditional grand café; along with a billiards and chess table. Vienna is home to a number of bars and clubs visit, Aux Gazelles, a dance club with Arabic music and belly dancers. Or head out to Flex, which is a popular spot among younger crowd.

Visit Reinthaler, located on 1, Gluckgasse 5, a traditional and authentic Viennese Gasthaus. For the best beer in town head out Siebensternbräu, and try out their varied list of beer specialties like hemp beer, smoke beer and chili beer.

Shopping in Vienna is definitely an experience, from local handicrafts, to leather goods and hand-painted porcelain. Visit The City Center, which is home to a number of stores as well as the open air flea market Naschmarkt, which is an excellent and lively place.

The city of Salzburg, nestled between two mountains is a picturesque city with small alleyways with rich castles and palaces. Visit the Medieval Fortress of Hohensalzburg, a 900 year old building. Head out to Salzburg Mozart Square, which honors the city's most famous musician Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

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