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Restaurants in Belgium


Brussels the cosmopolitan capital of Belgium is over a thousand years old. Brussels is home to different architectural styles, from Gothic cathedrals and churches to classical facades and beautiful art deco houses. It’s well known for it s pprestigious chocolate houses like Neuhaus, or Galler near Liège.

The heart of Brussels is the Grand' Place, this historic market square is surrounded by splendid houses. Brussels has a rich a large variety of museums, one can visit the Museum of Natural Sciences which is home to one of the most beautiful collections of Dinosaur skeletons or the Museum of Ancient Art and the Museum of Musical Instruments.

Set in some of the most beautiful settings, are a number of cafes and typical beer pubs, from Viennese style to French and Belgian. When in Belgium one should try the local beers of Brussels, Gueuze or fruit beer that come in cherry, raspberry and peach, or a wonderful Trappist beer. Visit La Mort Subite, one of the best fruit beer cafes in town. A popular café among young crowd is Le Coq, or Café Archiduc for its amazing art deco style interiors. Head out to The Belgian Comic Strip Centre, set in a beautiful Art Nouveau setting, where can visit some of its many shops with books and comic strip gadgets.

The Belga Queen Brasserie, located on, rue du Fossé aux Loups 32 Bruxelles, is where you can find some of the best in Belgian cuisine. Indulge in the finest of wines or sip on some Ponti coffee.
Antwerp is the second largest city of Belgium and a world renowned diamond stock exchange. Antwerp’s, Mode Museum houses the prestigious fashion design department of the Royal Academy of Fine Arts. This splendid city has a number of architectural highlights from the Town Square to The House of Rubens.

Visit Chez Fl'eau located on Tavernierkaai, the restaurant sits in an impressive dock-house, isolated from the main road. Try the lamb in a creamy Noilly-Prat at this splendid eatery. “Mares”, located on Kelderstraat is just across the way from the Bourla theatre. This restaurant is stylish, with an emporium of blue stone, black leather and crystal.

Bruges called 'the Venice of the North is a splendid medieval city and one of Belgium's crown jewels. Bruges is home to beautiful and cozy hotels. Take a stroll through the tiny medieval streets where the 19th century neo-gothic style can be seen.

Visit “Café des Arts” situated on the “Grande Place” across the ancient Belfort. With wonderful and attractive Venetian interior, it serves the finest in culinary delights, made with fresh and seasonal products… Try the Codfish with Mousseline Sauce or the Salmon Steak with Leek and Deep-fried Codfish Fillets with Tatar sauce.

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