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Restaurants in Bulgaria


Bulgaria a country that occupies the northeastern part of the Balkan Peninsula is a land with a rich and diverse cultural heritage.Nestling at the heart of Central Europe, Bulgaria is a land of unspoilt natural beauty, from warm southern seas to snow-covered slopes.

Existing over 13 centuries Bulgaria is remembered for its ancient civilizations. The cultural heritage of the Thracians, have produced incredible artistic and architectural masterpiece and have left remarkable treasures, temples and sanctuaries.

Visit The Town of Banya, where The Karlovo Mineral Baths are located, known for its curative mineral waters. It’s also characterized by its beneficial climate and good conditions for treatment. A neat village in a small valley, Bozhentsi is where one can see preserved and restored houses of inimitable Revival Period architecture. Visit the Old Coffee House or pay a visit to The Church of Prophet Elijah.

Sofia, one of the oldest capital cities in Europe is an eclectic mix of architectural styles. Historic landmarks include the 10th-century Boyana Church, The Alexander Nevski Cathedral and the early Byzantine Church of St Sophia. Sofia houses numerous museums, some of which are The National Historical Museum, The Ethnographic Museum, and The National Archaeological Museum.

Sofia is the hub of the country's cultural life. It offers an excellent opportunities for rest and as well as entertainment. Most restaurants in Sofia serve European and Bulgarian cuisine. Try Bansko-style kapama (meat and vegetables stewed in an earthenware dish), a Bulgarian specialty or the smell of oven-fresh bread rolls mixed with the fragrance of savory. Not to miss, is the banitsa (cheese pie) which simply melts in your mouth, and famous Bulgarian yogurt. A visit to a tavern is a must, which has entertainment, from folk music and songs to dances, and indulge in a menu of delicious typically Bulgarian dishes and drinks.

Try The French Café located on 48 Makedonia Blvd , a café that serves French and international cuisine, and the third floor consist of a piano bar where can relax. L’Etranger located, on Tsar Simeon 78, is a homely bistro and a good place for a quick quiche or a more leisurely three-course meal. Try out Bulgarian cuisine at Chevermeto located in Lozenetz area, a place where the barbecue is prepared on coals and one that offers an authentic folk show programme every night.

Sopping in Sofia is quite an experience. There are a number of shops that sell everything from clothes, and antiques, to CDs and traditional crafts. Find your own particular memento from Bulgaria, a small carved wooden wine vessel or a Troyan pottery set.

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