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Restaurants in China


Beijing, the capital city of China, has become the focus for all manner of gourmet foods. Mandarin cuisine is the local style of cooking in Beijing where Peking Roast Duck is perhaps the most well-known dish. The Chinese enjoy eating with chopsticks and are a primary eating utensil in Chinese culture. Other genres of cuisine such as Canton, Sichuan have become a part of what the restaurants in Beijing have to offer.

Cantonese restaurant a kind of Chinese restaurant is where Yum cha and dim sum are served but one may find also different dishes of rice, noodles and siu mei. Apart from the many Chinese restaurants there are many excellent restaurants that serve foreign cuisine, from American, French and Italian to Indian and Japanese. Teahouses are also common in Beijing and one can find a varied selection of Chinese teas.

The Capital Garden Restaurant & Café, situated by the Beijing Worker's Stadium Lake is where some of the cuisines of Yue, Lu, Chuan, Xiang, and other Chinese traditional flavors can be found. With a stunning view of the lake, a tranquil place one can comfortably dine and relax here. Visit the Metro Café an Italian Restaurant in Beijing that serves some of the best Italian dishes, an ideal place to unwind.

Shopping in Beijing, then head out to Wangfujing Street, this 700-year-old commercial street houses a wide variety of shops and boutiques where some of the world-famous brands can be found. Xidan Commercial Street consists of mainly food markets, clothes stores and commodities. Form silk and jade to handicrafts and antiques a lot can be found in these markets.

Shanghai a city that is sophisticated, innovative and lively has an exuberant cultural and nightlife, Hotspot of modern China, this cosmopolitan city is home to several interesting arts festivals and fairs. Vist the Azul and Viva located in 18 Dongping Lu, Shanghai, is in where the menus in Azul, the tapas bar downstairs, and Viva, the restaurant upstairs, feature a delicious, delicate balance of flavors that should please any palate. Relaxed, romantic dim lighting and plush pillows, makes it all too inviting. Visit the Element Fresh located in 1376 Nanjing Xi Lu, Shanghai a place where freshly made and generous portions of salads and sandwiches are served. Choose from bacon with blue cheese, and duck breast with grilled apple.

Visit the California club where the atmosphere is stylish, and the bar that is located in the centre is decorated with an abundance of reds. Popular with young crowd, Face is a chíc bar that can be found in the Ruijin Guest House. This red brick and stone mansion is set in a quiet neighborhood. Inside, the red wood floors, solid oak bar, and light background music, create an atmosphere that is stylish and comfortable.

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