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Restaurants in Germany


Germany a historic country in all its splendor, is home to crystal clear lakes and snow capped mountains, to the mystical Black Forest and the stunning Rhine River. Enjoy fine wine and beer or explore the majestic beauty of castles and palaces, and a world of art and culture . There is no country in the world with a greater variety of sausages than Germany wherein each region is proud of its own special sausage. Schnitzel is a well known German dish and there are probably as many different variations of Schnitzel as there are restaurants in Germany. Do not miss the popular wine and beer festivals and the German Christmas markets with their festive but serene atmosphere.

Munich, a sophisticated city, is a haven for all sorts of culture, with a multitude of museums, a vibrant arts scene and the world famous Oktoberfest. Café culture is strong in Munich, You can also eat in the many bistros, bars and beer halls. Munich is famous for its breweries and the wheat beer is a specialty from Bavaria. World-famous German beer is an integral part of the country's history and culture.There are around 20 major beer gardens.

There are many restaurants accommodating all preferences of cuisine. Try the Brenner Grill located on , Maximilianstr. 15, Munich, a place where all cooking happens on an open grill in the center of the restaurant. At the front is the wine bar which is decked out with small coffee tables. In the middle is the "pasta restaurant" and at the back is the largest section which is known as the "steak restaurant". Try out the various steak and fish dishes or their special T-bone steak. Visit the Halali a traditional Bavarian eatery reputed for its game. The wooden-paneled rooms decked with hunting trophies make the perfect backdrop setting. Try the stuffed hare and mushrooms with a cognac sauce.

In Germany's hip and stylish capital city of Berlin, are vibrant cultural and historical centers and their sidewalk cafés are the perfect place to relax and watch the world go by. Enjoy the outstanding cuisine at the many excellent regional and international restaurants. Visit the Dressler located on Kurfürstendamm, Berlin, a mixture of French brasserie culture and German down-to-earth reliability. Serves a wide variety of dishes, from oysters on the half-shell to the perfectly cooked duck.

Frankfurt is one of the country's most advanced, modern, and clean places, head out to the southern bank of the Main River. A charming, historic town, Sachenhausen, a place to indulge in apple cider and onion breads. Visit Erno's Bistro located on Liebigstr, 15, Frankfurt, a tiny place in a quiet Westend neighborhood, or head to Steinernes Haus located on Braubachstr, 35, Frankfurt, where the house specialty is a rump steak.

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