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Restaurants in Israel


The food in Israel is varied which has evolved from the many cooking traditions as well as an influence of Arab and European cuisine. Most of the restaurants and coffee houses in Israel offer anything from Italian, Chinese, and Japanese to Indian and Arabic. Dishes such as humus, tehina and falafel, is where the Arabic influence can be seen. Kosher food is food Jews are permitted to eat according to Jewish religious law. There are many laws, and their degree of observance varies from one person to another. In Jerusalem and other cities, the vast majority of restaurants are kosher.

Jerusalem, the capital city of Israel, has served as its cultural and economic center for centuries. Thousands of years of history, a society of multi-ethnic communities living side by side, Jerusalem has always been "The Holy City", and it has been revered by Christians and Muslims for centuries. The city has numerous art and archeological museums and galleries. Visit The Tower of David Museum or The Israel Museum of Jerusalem which houses some of Israel’s most beautiful collection of archaeology and Judaica.

The Old City in Jerusalem is the focus of attraction with its oriental and local atmosphere; the annual art fair, “Khutsot ha-Yotzer” offers both prestigious works of art and folk crafts. The streets are lined up with coffee shops and stores that sell gifts and souvenirs. Visit the Arcadia located in Rehov Agrippas 10, Jerusalem; set in an exquisitely renovated old building its stone arches and stone floors seem to exude comfortable warmth. Offering the best in contemporary and light cuisine, French style and local ingredients put together brings out that special flavour. Try the rack of lamb accompanied by lentils and mushrooms, and for dessert do not miss the chocolate cake served in a mango and passion fruit sauce. Visit Paradiso Restaurant, located on Keren HaYesod 36, Jerusalem, a café restaurant with a relaxed atmosphere that serves some of the best chicken breasts in Cordon Bleu style.

Tel-Aviv is located at the center of the country by the Mediterranean coast. From markets and exclusive shopping to its night life the city caters to all needs. Tel Aviv has large business districts with modern architecture that is home to a number of Cafes, Restaurants, and Clubs.

Visit the Ali Oli located on Rehov Brenner 2, Tel Aviv, a Spanish restaurant that serves tapas and grilled shrimps. Try their excellent selection of Spanish and Italian wines. Baraka located on Rehov Ahad haAm 22, Tel Aviv is a Modern Moroccan Restaurant offering creative French and Moroccan cuisine.

If in Haifa, located in the northern part of Israel then one must visit Ein- Hod, The Artist Village. A place where some ninety artist members working in various fields of the arts and crafts, all live and work in the Village. Mt. Carmel area is where the city's entertainment, cultural and tourist activities take place.

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