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Restaurants in Luxembourg


Luxembourg’s is a country that offers a wealth of rich culture and history. Visit the old city of Luxembourg or head out to the valleys of the Alzette and the Pétrusse where you can explore the narrow winding streets, and The Palace of the Grand Duke or just stop at one of the cafes to try out a cup of Luxembourg’s fine coffee and a slice of cake.

Situated in the heart of the old part of the city is Luxembourg’s City History Museum as well as The National Museum of Art and History that showcases interesting archaeological, geological, and historical exhibits. One can visit the Bock Promontory, or The Chateau of the Counts of Luxembourg, that dates back over centuries.

Head out to The Ardennes region which is ideal for mountain bikers as well as a great place for avid hikers. Explore the marvels of this scenic region in Clervaux known locally as Eisleck, situated in the heart of the Ardennes Mountain region and visit the 15th century castle, and a Romanesque church with twin spires.

Tour the Valley of the Seven Castle which is a small triangular area north-west of Luxembourg City that is home to one of Europe’s most extravagant concentrations of castles. Visit the Notre-Dame Cathedral which is a magnificent Gothic cathedral, located in Luxembourg City. The charming and picturesque village of Vianden, situated on both banks of the Our River, has a marvelously restored medieval castle, and gothic churches.

There are a number of restaurants in Luxembourg that serve a variety of local as well as international cuisine. Try out the “Ardennes Ham,” or “Wild Boar”. When in a local restaurant don’t forget to order sausage and sauerkraut, while sipping on a glass of the finest wines. Or try out specialties, like judd mat gaardebohnen, which is smoked neck of pork with beans.

Visit Speltz, located on Chimay road, is a restaurant that serves authentic Luxembourg cuisine. Try out their excellent lobster dishes. Café des Artistes located in Montée du Grund, Luxembourg City, is an old welcoming café with great ambience. Am Häffchen located on Bisserwée 9, Luxembourg City, is complete with retro setting and a piano bar. The Viking Bar set in Nordic style offers a wide range of Nordic specialties which is a must try.

Luxembourg has some of the best wines to offer. Visit the Moselle Valley , Luxembourg’s vineyard and winery region and join in wine tasting in this scenic and beautiful region. Try out wines such as Riesling, Pinot Noir, or Elbling.

Luxembourg City offers visitors a unique and exciting shopping experience one can shop for a wide range of souvenirs, from beautiful handcrafted items to decorative porcelain plates.Villeroy & Boch is where the finest antique porcelains are on display and choose from a vast selection of tableware, crystal, and cutlery. The Market at Place Guillaum open every Wednesday and Saturday sells a wide assortment of goods. Or head out to the up market stores situated in the heart of the old city which is home to many boutiques, and beautiful art galleries.

Nordic specialties should be tasted by those who love to dine in the elegant Papillon Restaurant. Like cuisines in the Papillon Restaurant, the Nordic specilties are known for its good taste and sophistication that can only be achieved if the finest ingredients are used. In addition, these food specialties are cooked in the right temperature to attain a sense of aesthetics. The Nordic specialties is definitely a must for people who want traditional and well-prepared food.

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