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Restaurants in Sweden


Sweden is one of the world’s leading gastronomic destinations. Immigrants from all over the world have enriched its culture with a host of exciting new dishes. There are a variety of restaurants in Sweden that serve anything from traditional Swedish cuisine to creative international cuisine.

Sweden has a large and rich variety of museums and a number of art associations. Visit the National Museum in Stockholm or if in Gothenburg there is The Röhsska Art and Crafts Museum and the Furstenberg Art Museum. Liljevalches Gallery in Stockholm is largely devoted to contemporary art.

Sweden is a country with a vast expanse of scenic coastline and idyllic islands. From the legendary midnight sun to its marvelous hiking trails. The smorgasbord, one of Sweden’s most famous dishes is a specialty that consists of a number of small dishes, from which you can take your pick. From sweet-pickled herring, onions, and mustard to Swedish meatballs, salmon, pies, and salads.

Stockholm, Sweden's capital is a large city with an active cultural life. When in Stockholm one can experience the cities museums, shopping, restaurants and nightlife. Stockholm is home to many national cultural institutions. Visit the UNESCO World Heritage sites and The Royal Palace Drottningholm. The most significant places in the capital, include The Old Town with its narrow alleys and beautiful medieval houses and one can head further down to the beautiful town of Vaxholm, where Sweden’s impressive history can be seen.

Stockholm is home to a number of outdoor cafés and pubs. Visit Kungsträdgården and one can take a break at one of its idyllic restaurants or cafés. Free events, and concerts, are among the highlights of “Kungsan.” If you’re looking for genuine Swedish home-cooking, then head out to Blå Dörren, located on Södermalmstorg. The restaurant serves over 60 varieties of Swedish beer.

Visit the area of Rörstrandsgatan which is filled with pubs. Its here in this quiet area of town is where you can find pleasant outdoor dining options.
For international cuisine, Visit Koh Phangan, a Thai Restaurant, located in Skanegatan 57, Södermalm, a unique restaurant with bamboo interiors. The restaurant has a cozy dining area & patio seating as well. Try the Giant prawns stir fried in garlic and chili.

Uppsal offers a wide selection of restaurants and cafés. Eat a Viking meal at Odinsborg near the royal mounds in Uppsala or sip quietly on your coffee in the harbor of Öregrund.

Laplanad, one of the most un-spoilt areas on earth is where you can enjoy beautiful un-spoilt countryside. Try out the Cross-Country Skiing or Snowboarding, and snowmobile safaris. When in summer explore the wonders of Lapland from canoeing and cycling, to white-water rafting and fishing.

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