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Restaurants in Switzerland


Zurich a multi cultural city set astride a river and distant snowy peaks is one of the cleanest and tranquil cities in Europe. From fashion shops to spectacular art galleries and medieval churches Zurich has a lot to offer. This dynamic, exciting city has an extreme variety of possibilities for night-time leisure. Visit the old city district in Niederdorf with bars, restaurants, lounges and clubs.

“Les Halles”, situated in the west district of Zurich is a unique mix of a lounge bar, restaurant and gourmet market, from buying exquisite products to Mediterranean cuisine and the sound of good music. “Toni-Areal” located at the end of the trendy west district is stunning with its modern interiors and video and light art features. “Kaufleuten” a very posh and stylish club with old art-nouveau architecture, situated in the heart of the business and shopping district is a must visit.

Restaurants in Zurich offer culinary delicacies from the world over to pamper guest with all kinds of tastes. From internationally renowned cafes set in elaborate and beautiful surroundings it’s among the best. If in Switzerland a must try is the Fondue, visit the “Fribourger Fondue Stübli” a small and cosy place and the meeting point for fondue lovers in the colder seasons. “Adler's Swiss Chuchi Cosy” is an authentic Swiss restaurant where Swiss national dishes are served. With its great rustic atmosphere it makes you stay even longer. “Acqua Seerestaurant” with its Italian décor and comfortable armchairs is a popular place to grab a drink and enjoy the excellent view of Lake Zurich.

Bern the capital of Switzerland is a charming city with cobbled lanes, lined with sandstone arcaded buildings to the perfectly preserved street fountains. “Della Casa”, located in Schauplatzgasse serves some of the best high-quality Swiss cuisine. Local specialties such as schnitzel, oxtail stew with fried macaroni, and calves liver with herbs are some of the favorites while one can try Bernerplatte – a plateful of half-a-dozen varieties of meats with potatoes and sauerkraut, a house specialty.

Geneva a cosmopolitan lakeside city is host to over a thousand restaurants; you can eat and drink at any of the top-drawer expensive restaurant, where some of the best cuisine in the world can be found. Visit the “L’Esquire”, located in 7 Rue du Lac, a Gourmet French restaurant. With its pleasant décor the place is a gallery for local artist a well. “Le Béarn”, located in 4 Quai de la Poste is an elegant and lavish restaurant with inventive cuisine.

In Geneva’s Old Town , Place du Bourg-de-Four, is lined with busy terrace cafés offering a host of atmospheric Swiss eateries. “Café du Centreis” aA popular terrace café-restaurant offering everything from periwinkles to a dozen fresh oysters, complemented with a huge wine list. “Café Mozart”, a designer wine bar set up on the riverfront, regularly features live classical and jazz quartets. Head out to the “Alhambar” with its velvet couches and vintage furniture makes it one of the great places for a night out.

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