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Great comfort food - low prices
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Sloppy Jo`s Lunchroom

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Sloppy Jo`s Lunchroom in Chicago

Sloppy Jo`s Lunchroom Timings: Tuesday-Saturday 11 to 6
Current Local Time in Chicago is 1:29 AM
733 St. Johns Avenue
Highland Park, IL 60035
Phone : 847-266-8687
Fax : -
Web : http://www.SloppyJos.com
About Sloppy Jo`s Lunchroom - Good food in a fun place!
Sloppy Jo`s Lunchroom Menu
The eats at Sloppy Jo's Lunchroom are simple and cheap, including the namesake Sloppy Jo, tuna salad sandwiches and hot dogs. You can even score a Fluffernutter sandwich or a Sloppy Jo Frito Pie. Side dishes are: chips, tater tots, or a treat of the day. A soup of the day will feature in cooler months, replaced by ice cream (on a sugar or pretzel cone) and floats during the summer. The Tootsie Rolls tossed in with every order only add to the charm.
Cheeesy Sloppy Jo



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Great comfort food - low prices
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